La'Trice is a wonderful person who understands what her customers need

State  Illinois
City  Chicago
"Four years ago my husband and I learned that we were going to need donor sperm to get pregnant. The decision and donor selection process was stressful, but La'Trice Allen made it all much easier to handle. La'Trice was kind, helpful, and very supportive in a very sincere and thoughtful way. Soon after, we were blessed with a beautiful little 3-year-old Emma. Last year, we decided to try to have another child. Unfortunately, after going through several IVF cycles, cyst retractions, and really awful tests, we ran out of our stored vials. Although we were devastated, we still had 2 insurance-covered retrievals left (IVF) and our plan was to complete the cycle(s) before giving up. Last Thursday I called La'Trice to again see if any vials of Emma's donor had come available. She gently informed me that there were still no vials available and that she was sorry. Saddened by the news, I ordered a vial from a new donor. About an hour later, La'Trice called me back to tell me that she just received a cancellation for 3 vials of our original donor! It was absolutely unbelievable. I had tears of joy to learn that these vials were 3 possible chances in trying to conceive. La'Trice is a wonderful person who understands what her customers need and goes well above her job description. She works tirelessly to help people who are often unfortunate situations and need to use donor tissue to conceive children. Thank you CCB!"
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