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Many patients feel that the blood type of the donor is crucial when choosing a donor. By selecting a donor whose blood type matches the husband's/partner's blood type, patients may feel more secure about issues related to confidentiality.

The donor's blood type may be medically important to consider if the mother is Rh negative (Rh-). These women may develop antibodies to a fetus that is Rh positive.

It is important to remember that children do not always inherit the same exact blood type as their biological parents. For example, a couple with blood types of A and B could have an offspring with any of the four blood types: A, B, O, or AB. Please keep in mind that if you elect to use the blood type of a donor as one of your selection criteria, you will decrease the number of donor choices available to you.

The following two tables will help explain the inheritance of blood type:

Table A:
Possible ABO Blood Groups In Couples And Their Children
If the couple's blood types are: The child's blood group could be:
  Possible Impossible
O and O O A, B, or AB
O and A O or A B or AB
O and B O or B A or AB
O and AB A or B O or AB
A and A O or A B or AB
A and B O, A, B or AB None
A and AB A, B or AB O
B and B O or B A or AB
B and AB A, B or AB O
AB and AB A, B or AB O
Table B:
If You Wish To Select A Donor Blood Type That Will Match Your Husband's or Partner's
If the couple's blood types are: The donor's blood type may be:
A and A A or O
A and B A, B or O
A and O A or O
B and B B or O
B and O B or O
O and O must be O
If the recipient is AB and
her partner is:
The donor may be:
A any type
B any type
O must be O
AB any type
If her partner is AB and
the recipient is:
The donor should be:
A AB but not O *
B AB but not O *
O AB but not O *
AB any type

* Blood type A or blood type B could be used. However, if both the donor and the recipient contribute the gene for blood type O to the child, the child will have blood type O. This outcome would not be possible with a partner who has blood type AB.

If you have additional questions regarding blood type and donor selection, please contact the Genetics Department at
(877) 743-6384.

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