• Family Today & Family Tomorrow

    Plan ahead with FREE storage from CCB

    California Cryobank's Family Today and Family Tomorrow are specifically designed to help you reach your personal family goal because everyone's needs and schedules are different. Whether it's one, two, or five kids in your future, we're here to help!

    Family Today
    Many of our clients are primarily focused on their family's immediate future. Family Today provides those clients with 1 YEAR of FREE storage with the purchase of five or more vials.

    Since the national averages range from 3-4 insemination cycles per successful pregnancy, we want to make sure your donor is available whenever you are ready.

    Family Today guarantees that availability without you having to worry about storage fees. Once pregnant, you can place any unused vials into a long term storage account for future siblings (just in case), or take advantage of the CCB Vial Buyback.

    Family Tomorrow
    For those clients already thinking about additional children down the road, we offer Family Tomorrow which provides 3 YEARS of FREE storage with the purchase of 10 or more vials.

    More and more of our clients are deciding to grow their families with second or third children. The most difficult part of our job is explaining to those clients a year or two later that their original donor is no longer available. We currently have over 100 clients anxiously hoping for another child, but unable to get started because their donor is retired and/or sold out. We do the best we can to help them, but we are limited in what we can do.

    If you are at all considering having more children down the road, Family Tomorrow is the only way to guarantee your donor will still be available. And if you decide to change donors prior to getting pregnant, don’t worry; you can always take advantage of the CCB Vial Exchange.

    Family Today and Family Tomorrow terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice.

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