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Handwriting Analysis

Interested in getting more insight into your donor's character?

At California Cryobank, we are constantly searching for new ways to help our clients find their ideal donor. With the industry’s strictest screening standards (fewer than 1% of all applicants make it into our program), you can rest assured that all our donors have met the stringent physical, personal and family medical history standards you should require in making your selection.

With hundreds of healthy, high quality donors to choose from, our long profiles, audio interviews, Keirsey Reports, baby photos, and donor selection services all help narrow down your choices. While all this information paints an excellent picture, we find many of our clients want to go beyond the traditional information to try to "get to know" a donor even better.

While investigating less traditional ways of filling out our donors' profiles, we became intrigued with the concept of handwriting analyses and decided to select a diverse group of our employees to try it out. The analyses appeared to be uniquely accurate, ascribing traits to some of us that we ourselves had overlooked—even though everyone else quickly nodded in agreement with the assessments. We decided Graphology would be a fun and creative method for our interested clients to learn more about their potential donor.

What is Graphology?
Graphology is the study of handwriting in relation to human behavior. In fact, it's been referred to as "body language on paper." A handwriting sample can offer insight into an individual's emotional development relative to maturity and core values. Graphology, which is based in psychology, is currently used by Fortune 500 companies, police departments and insurance companies in their hiring processes. It is also regularly utilized as a form of personnel assessment and evaluation by companies in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Israel.

Who is doing the analysis?
Arlyn J. Imberman is an independent, highly respected Corporate Counselor and Executive Coach as well as one of the foremost experts in the field of Graphology. Ms. Imberman is the author of the book Signature for Success: How to Analyze Handwriting and Improve Your Career, Your Relationships, and Your Life.

What does handwriting reveal?
Graphologists use handwriting analysis to:

  • Uncover hidden talents and skills
  • Assess compatibility among individuals
  • Determine integrity
  • Match the right person with the right job and assemble compatible teams to increase productivity

Does it really work?
Read what actual CCB donors have to say after receiving the results of their own analyses:

  • "Amazing, simply amazing…Kind of makes one very cautious when signing checks."
  • "Just about every aspect of the description fits me. For example it is very true that I was originally an introvert and have learned to behave like an extrovert in order to achieve certain goals. I also tend to think big and 'outside the box'..."
  • "All my friends commented that it exactly depicted my personality."
  • "I felt it was eerily accurate."
  • "It was almost 100% accurate, very interesting to read."
  • "I'm sure it would be very interesting for a potential client to read."

What kind of information is included in an analysis?
Take a look at these actual excerpts from current CCB donors:

  • Excerpt from Donor 3788
    "Brilliant, he is a strategic thinker, happiest when quietly and independently analyzing a complex and interesting problem. He is energized by his own internal world and is focused on visions and possibilities. He makes decisions according to these objective, logical principles. He examines all options carefully and arrives at definite, well-supported conclusions. Not comfortable with authority figures, he prefers to go his own way. The writer has a great respect for the proper timing of things, preferring not to rush headlong into things but, rather, to wait for just the right moment before acting. This is a very aesthetic, high form level writing with creative letter connections that show speed and sophistication. He is a quick thinker with artistic sensibility and an exquisite sensitivity to beauty and harmony."
  • Excerpt from Donor 3832
    "The good placement of the words on the page shows he has high personal standards. He is very original and independent in the way he sees the world around him and always chooses the road less traveled. He has figured out how to spend a great deal of time alone to think and work unencumbered. His quick wit continually surprises others. Along with intellectual acuity, he possesses an insightful and incisive perception and sensibility. He can be meticulous and a perfectionist. His word is his bond and he will not forget those who have not kept theirs. His letter forms are lively, agile, and graceful. Although intensely and continually curious about ideas and perceptions, he can be quite adept at providing a detached, pragmatic analysis of a situation. Others see him as self-contained and independent, a man who likes to approach situations with a healthy skepticism."

How many donors have been analyzed?
We currently have 75 donors who have completed their handwriting analysis. But keep checking back because additional analyses can pop up every day, as new donors are added to the catalog!

Can I order more than one?
Order as many as you like. Compare multiple donors or use the analysis as a "getting to know you" bonus once you have your ideal donor picked out. It is totally up to you.

How much does the analysis cost and how do I order?
The normal fee for a full personal handwriting analysis by Arlyn Imberman is over $300. However, as an exclusive benefit to CCB clients, we are offering Ms. Imberman’s complete written analysis for only $50 per donor. For more information, contact us at 866-9-CRYOBANK (866-927-9622).

Please Note: The evaluation of an individual's handwriting is offered as a general outline of that individual's character. It is important to remember that although we may typically act in a certain way; everyone is capable of behaving in ways not common to our strongest pre-disposition. The results of the handwriting analysis for the donor you've selected may not be a predictor of the temperament of your child, and should not be the sole determinant in the selection of a donor.

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