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Donor Egg Bank USA

About Us

Donor Egg Bank USA is proud to offer the world’s largest and most diverse catalog of frozen donor eggs to help create your family. We work with the country’s most respected fertility clinics, as well as a small, select group of international partners, to provide you instant access to 350+ highly screened egg donors. We are the only donor egg bank in the world to offer you 100% of your money back if you don’t bring home a baby through our Assured Refund Plan™. Also unique to our egg bank, we collect the outcome of every cycle and guarantee not just survival, but one or more blastocyst embryos.

Our Egg Donors

Our diverse selection of egg donors must meet the industry’s most stringent qualification standards. Each donor receives a family medical history review, fertility screening, genetic testing, psychological assessment, and infectious disease screening. We also provide adult photos, personal essays, and family medical histories to help you find a great match.

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Our Process Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Step 1 – REGISTER. With your free account registration, you can view partial donor profiles and access donors’ physical characteristics, aptitudes, work history, education and personal statements.

Step 2 – SELECT. Ready to learn more and make your selection? Contact us to receive upgraded access to view the full profiles and select your egg donor.

Step 3 – RECEIVE. We take care of shipping logistics so you don’t have to. Once you complete paperwork and submit payment, we organize the careful shipment of your eggs directly to your clinic. You will receive a notification from our team once the eggs arrive.

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Advantages to Using Frozen Donor Eggs

You’re in control. Remove the stress of synchronizing your cycle with your egg donor’s cycle. You can schedule your treatment at one of our participating centers when it’s most convenient for you.

Immediate Cycle Start

No need to wait for an egg donor. Using frozen donor eggs means the donor has already passed her screening, taken her medications appropriately, and had a successful egg retrieval. You can start a treatment cycle as soon as your next period.

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Proven Success

We boast a 62% clinical pregnancy rate and a 65% likelihood of having additional embryos cryopreserved. In the hands of experienced clinics, frozen donor eggs offer the same chances of success as fresh donor egg programs.

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Biological Siblings

If available, you may choose to reserve eggs from the same donor for future biological siblings. Please contact us for more information.

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Affordable Plans

We provide three convenient and affordable financial plans, allowing you to begin treatment as quickly as possible. Contact us at 240-778-6210 for participating fertility centers and pricing.

Assured Refund Plan™

Our most popular plan offers up to six egg lot treatment cycles and provides a 100% plan fee refund in the event that you are unsuccessful in bringing home a baby. 96% of applicants qualify for this plan, and we estimate 90% of participants who stay in the plan will bring home a baby.

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Single Cycle Plan

This plan includes frozen donor eggs and treatment for one cycle. The full cost of treatment is reduced in this inclusive plan and offers additional guarantees for physician services over our Egg Lot Only Plan.

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Egg Lot Only Plan

Receive 6-8 mature eggs at your fertility practice. The plan costs $17,800 USD and guarantees one or more blastocyst embryos.

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We are pleased to offer the most comprehensive financing options available through CapexMD. Each loan program is designed to fit your individual circumstances and once approved, their Fertility Loan Specialists will work closely with our staff to make the payment process as easy as possible.

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Our hours are Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 11:00pm (EST) or call us at (240) 778-6210.

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National averages range from 3-4 insemination cycles per successful pregnancy. We recommend purchasing at least 5 vials per child to guarantee your donor remains available until reaching your personal family goals. Additionally, you get 1 Year FREE storage if you purchase 4 or more vials ($475 value).


Our donors sell out and retire quickly! We have thousands of clients forced to choose between a new donor or not having a second child because they chose not to store vials for future use while they were available. To help you plan for your future, we offer 3 Years FREE storage if you purchase 3 Years+ vials ($1,050 value) - as well as the ability to sell back any unused vials that have not left our control.