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We understand your treatment may be delayed. Secure vials with 6 months of free storage for new vial orders through 6/1/20*.

We understand your treatment may be delayed. Secure vials with 6 months of free storage for new vial orders through 6/1/20*.

*Please call our Client Services team at 866-927-9622 to order vials and receive 6 months of free storage. This offer is not available online.

We are doing everything possible to maintain business as usual for our clients. Previously purchased vials in storage are still accessible through our normal shipping and pickup options. We recommend calling your physician’s office before scheduling a shipment to confirm they can accept the delivery.


We now offer the most comprehensively
screened sperm donors available!


We now offer the most comprehensively
screened sperm donors available!

Learn more about expanded genetic testing by watching this 4-minute video.



Our DNA Advantage Donors have been tested for 260+ genetic conditions. This comprehensive genetic testing helps identify donors who are most suitable for you.


Your DNA is also important to consider. All people carry mutations for autosomal recessive genetic conditions. (Believe it or not, it’s “normal” to carry mutations!) You’re not at risk to have a child with one of those conditions unless you and your donor both carry a mutation for the same condition.


It’s important to view your donor's Genetic Test Summary (GTS) to understand which genetic conditions he was tested for and his results. Not all donors have been screened for the same conditions. Before you pick up or ship vials, we recommend reviewing your donor's GTS with your physician. You may also need to sign an acknowledgement.

See a sample of a Genetic Test Summary


Expanded genetic testing is covered by most insurance plans. You may have already had it done. If not, we recommend speaking to your physician to see if testing is right for you. If you know you carry a mutation for a specific genetic condition and a donor was not screened for that condition, we may be able to do special testing on the donor.

Learn more about special testing

It’s easy to find a compatible DNA Advantage Donor when you know your carrier status and have the donor’s genetic test results at your fingertips!

View DNA Advantage Donors

Interested in genetic testing for yourself?

There are many companies that offer genetic testing and the choice is up to you. We recommend that you download your donor’s Genetic Test Summary and discuss your own testing needs with your doctor or genetic counselor who can help you select the test that is best for you.


Timing is everything! If you’d like to take advantage of expanded genetic testing, here’s a helpful guide to make sure your insemination happens on schedule.

1) Consult with your physician

Ask if genetic testing is right for you. If you have a partner that plans to use the same donor, ask if she should also get tested. (Allow at least 2-3 weeks to receive your results.)

2) Find a Donor

Use our Donor Search to select a donor. Log in to download the donor’s free Genetic Test Summary (GTS) & Medical History on his profile page. To avoid your donor selling out, you can secure vials now with the option to exchange your vial(s) for a different donor. Learn More

3) Review GTS with your physician

Discuss your donor's Genetic Test Summary (GTS) & Medical History with your physician to be sure the donor is suitable for you. This is also a good time for your physician to sign your Physician Authorization (A1 form).

4) Complete Forms

Before you can ship vials, you may need to complete a genetic acknowledgement form to document that you are aware of your donor's genetic test results and that you have discussed this information with your physician. Visit your donor's profile page to see if this acknowledgement is required for your donor.

5) Ship Vials

Call Client Services at 866-927-9622 to schedule your vial shipment or pickup. If you have not ordered vials yet, you may be able to order online. We recommend scheduling your vial shipment to arrive at your clinic at least 48 hours prior to your insemination.

Please note: Once vials are shipped or picked up, we cannot facilitate a  Vial Buyback or Vial Exchange.


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How does California Cryobank determine which genetic tests to perform on its donors?
What genetic screening is performed on DNA Advantage Donors?
Which lab do you use to test your DNA Advantage Donors?
I already had genetic screening by a different laboratory. Do I need to repeat testing using the same panel performed on my donor?
Can I request that my donor be tested for other genetic conditions?
How do I contact a genetic counselor?

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National averages range from 3-4 insemination cycles per successful pregnancy. We recommend purchasing at least 5 vials per child to guarantee your donor remains available until reaching your personal family goals. Additionally, you get 1 Year FREE storage if you purchase 4 or more vials ($475 value).


Our donors sell out and retire quickly! We have thousands of clients forced to choose between a new donor or not having a second child because they chose not to store vials for future use while they were available. To help you plan for your future, we offer 3 Years FREE storage if you purchase 3 Years+ vials ($1,050 value) - as well as the ability to sell back any unused vials that have not left our control.